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Job Search Jitters

It’s hard to know why, but similar to many other students in school, I get a bit of anxiety when I start applying for internships. In my case, especially when I was looking for a Digital Marketing Internship.

Specifically when it’s one that I want and not just another form in the massive stack of resumes that I usually send out.

These are the internships that can truly educate their applicants and leave them with a few new skills.

Skills that the interns might not have had the opportunity to gain experience with previously.

These internships are the ones that make me nervous. That means they’re an opportunity worth pursuing.

Thankfully, this is the type of internship I’ve just acquired!

I’ve secured a Digital Marketing Internship at Pearl Lemon SEO.

Where to Apply For Internships — Specifically, a Digital Marketing Internship

Appealing internships can often be hard to find, though.

Sometimes Google Jobs can seem a bit empty or full of less-than-appealing opportunities.

That’s why I encourage other college students to take a look at Angel List.

Founded by the wise and somewhat mysterious Naval Ravikant, every job posting is one that will hopefully make you a little nervous.

All the companies on AngelList are startups and this can be a great opportunity for applicants to find a company that they can grow with.

They can offer more diversity in work as opposed to many large organizations whose positions are a bit more compartmentalized. is a great resource when looking for remote positions. Especially if you're looking for a digital marketing internship.

When I got a request for an interview after my application for Pearl Lemon on AngelList, I had to sit back and organize my thoughts.

I went back to the job posting to make sure that I was actually qualified for the position, and thankfully that was indeed the case.

I still had a small voice in the back of my mind telling me that during that interview I might get asked about how many professional case studies I’ve completed or agencies that I’ve worked for.

Realistic or not, that’s where my mind went.

Thankfully, upon completing the interview I came to realize that startups are just like every other company looking to acquire young talent, they simply want someone dependable that has a desire to learn.

So that’s what you need to bring them in the interview.

Give them examples of how you seek to learn every day in both a professional and casual sense.

I’m Loving the Job so Far

Since starting at Pearl Lemon, I can happily relay my digital marketing internship experience has been super enjoyable!

Every day has a wide variety of tasks that I get to take on at my own pace.

The Director of Marketing, Lydia, has given me the ability to view her Trello board.

When used in conjunction with voice messages on Whatsapp, we’re always on the same page.

I work hand in hand with Lydia, Pearl Lemon’s founder Deepak Shukla, and quite a few other people as well.

My tasks have comprised of everything from landing page design to creating pitch decks for clients.

I can’t speak for other people… But I feel as though I would be hard-pressed to get such a wide variety of experience at a local business.

It’s been an amazing experience thus far.

But what have I worked on?

  • Designing landing pages for forex algorithms,
  • creating slide decks for pitching projects to executives,
  • brainstorming growth ideas for product launches
  • and general SEO housekeeping on existing products and platforms!
My first trello board from my digital marketing internship with Pearl Lemon.

The Pressure through the Digital Marketing Internship Has Been Appreciated

It probably sounds like I don’t get to sleep at night, seeing as this is only my second week in the digital marketing internship.

However, to be honest, the way it has integrated into my life has been phenomenal.

So long as I’m getting the work that is required of me completed, I’m able to work as much or as little as I like.

This usually ends up being around 3 hours a day give or take an hour or so.

This flexibility has been amazing and I feel as though the position will pay off immensely.

Knowing that my workday routine isn’t confined to a box that I have to repeat every day is liberating. I plan on trying to keep that situation around.

I had been looking for ways to avoid the corporate life that I’ve heard mixed reviews about and well…

This is looking like more of a viable option for me every single day.

Before I go, there is something I want to emphasize to anyone reading this that when looking for an internship or career…

Don’t be afraid to get a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

Look on the job boards that your peers aren’t, and apply to the jobs that you might not think you’ll get.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing internship, I can’t recommend Angel List enough.

Growth is made when you’re feeling uncomfortable, so don’t miss out on opportunities because of that feeling.

After going out, experiencing some uneasiness, and applying for my first remote position at a startup…

I can honestly say that it has offered tons of value in just the first couple of weeks, and I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future.

Note: As of June 2020 I can honestly say the internship was amazing and that it was one of the key motivators for me to create my personal website.

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