Cold Email

Personalized Cold Email That Sidesteps The Gatekeepers & Effortlessly Generates You New B2B Clients.

Indianapolis Digital Marketing Branding

I've Worked With Businesses of Every Magnitude

Are You Underestimating The Power of Email?

Slip Right Past The Gatekeepers

No manipulation or lying about how you know their boss required.
I find the decision-makers email, we develop your USP into an email sequence, and then I email them.
Simple as that.

Absolutely No AdSpend

Are you paying $200 per appointment?
Good! That means I can raise my prices.
Really though, ads have cloudy targeting at best, and often, you can't qualify prospects until you've already paid for their attention.

The Highest ROI Of Any Channel

Proven time and again, email has the highest ROI of any outbound channel.
Constant Contact reports that for every $1 a company spends on email marketing, they can expect to earn $38 of revenue on average.

Who Can This Work For?

Marketing Agencies, SaaS Tools, Financial Services…

If You’re Selling To Another Business, I Can Make Your Job Easier.

How's The Process Work?

First, We Create & Warm Up An Email Under A Proxy Domain

We do this in order to make sure that your previous domain reputation won't affect the campaign, and vice versa

Then, We Create A Lazer-Targeted List of Prospects

We generate and examine your prime client profile, scout them out online, and locate their contact information.

Finally, We Book You 10 Sales Calls Every Month

I send highly-personalized emails to your prospects that get replies and book your team calls.

With Every Lead Pushed Straight to Your CRM

Calls Booked Straight into Your Calendar

& Next-Level Reporting

The Results Speak for Themselves

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Samuel VanMeter is an Indianapolis-native looking help business grow through digital marketing.


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