Sell More.
Work Less.

Done-For-You Sales Systems that Convert on a Massive Scale.

I've Worked With Businesses of Every Magnitude

They've All Got the Same Problems

They Don't Have Leads

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if it isn't getting put in front of the right people...
It's not going to sell.

Their Leads Aren't Qualified

A CSV of random professional phone numbers and generic business email's isn't going to cut it. You need prospects who've expressed interest in what you do.

There's No Sales System in Place

Sure, inbound marketing and your brand reputation might be generating targeted prospects with interest, but usually, it isn't doing it consistently.

Enter the Omnilane System

Your Prospects are Bombarded With Advertisements & Spam.

A Single Channel of Outreach is No Longer Enough.

With So Much Power in Each Platform,
Why Use Just One?

1 %

is the Average ROI on Email Marketing.

1 B

People are on Social Media.

1 M

Senior Level Influencers are on LinkedIn.

The Average B2B Sale Can Take Anywhere from 7-13 Touchpoints

outreach flow white

We'll Take Care of Them For You

With Every Lead Pushed Straight to Your CRM

Calls Booked Straight into Your Calendar

& Next-Level Reporting

The Results Speak for Themselves

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Samuel VanMeter is an Indianapolis-native looking help business grow through digital marketing.


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